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Hilo, HI
reply to Selenia

Re: Mozilla will automatically disable all plug-ins in Firefox

We are discussing Mozilla finally doing what Proxo has always done...give folks the freedom to decide whether or not to let a plugin run when a webpage is opened or instead have a toggle switch so the user can decide for themselves what happens. The issue is the same as allowing users to control cookies or forcing users to accept all cookies....willy-nilly. It is not a security issue as much as it is an issue of USER CONTROL and right to privacy and not being subjected to some crappy Flash movie unless they desire to see it. So, Flash is just as important, and actually probably more so, because Flash is on so many web pages and Java is not. Who wants some crappy, garbage Flash movie playing when you open a web page? Most users would prefer to choose if they wish to see the Flash movie.
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