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Greensburg, KY

Averaging 0.15mbps since February 2013

On a daily basis for a week now, I'm getting around 0.10 mbps speeds on my 3.0mbps payment plan. Youtube videos don't even begin to load. My online classes started this week and if somehow I can't get my assignments done and turned in there will be problems!!! It makes me sick when I look at the bill every month and having to pay $150 or so bundle deal every month to such a trash company. Windstream has no business even existing, but I assume they do because they seem to specialize in areas where they have no competition. I've been in a "latency outage" since November 2011 with several promises on fixing the equipment. Also, I think it's hilarious that Windstream tech support are trained to say things like "Thanks for choosing Windstream!", LIKE WE HAVE A CHOICE!!! haha wow...


Yes the same thing is happening in my area and it started at the beginning of February. Usually happens starting at 8 pm on weekdays and now it does it on weekends as well. Their excuse is saying we see there is some work being done in my area, but cant say what it is... Also just found out that they decided to add something called ultimate protection pack 100g to my bill at an extra $20.99 a month without my knowledge. So i was paying for a service that i never used and didn't even know was there.


reply to kpatt2006
Same around here. It's been really bad, can't play any games cause of constant 350+ ping, and it started late jan-early feb.

Live in southwestern NC, wish it would be fixed already.

I Actually use Windstream
Orange Springs, FL
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They must be cutting service even more. I have been slow for 3 years! But I noticed posts here that only slowed down in the last month. They must not be paying their bills and sending checks straight to Jeff Gardener, CEO Windstream.
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