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West Mich.
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Re: Other customers can see my infor

I guess this has turned into a crusade with me because of a past "billing issue"

Way Back When, they came out with the latest and greatest HN7000s modem

Well I bit the apple and ordered one up, and while I was at it, why not "upgrade" my plan from "Basic", to "Pro".
Well after I talked to "Rafsenjonie" or whom ever after the broken english I found out the hard way that good ole "Raf" put me on "Pro Plus" rather than "Pro"
So..... my monthly bill went up $20 instead of $10.

Now you see where it got "Good" was in the fact that I was was paid up at the time of the "Upgrade"
So when it was all "done" (about 2 min.) into the "upgrade", I needed to pay them AGAIN !!!!

Of course repeated calls to "Raff" and his brother and sisiters got me no where.....whodathunkit.

At last I found this forum, I learned of the existance of ECC.

I mean COME ON ! I now have to pay HUGHES 2 times per month ?

I took some time and got my docs & dates all in a row and called ECC.

It finally got straight, but......

The debit to my checking caused.......problems
The $20 per month increase instead of the planned $10 caused.....problems.

In the end, I kept the $20 increase rather than risk..maybe getting bumped to the $125 per month plan.

Those "pesky" language problems you know !

I also took that "Golden Shower " opertunity to stay 1 entire month ahead of my Hughesne bill.

I also changed out all financial data Hughes had on me.

I pay, one month early, every month by time payment.

IF THAT UNETHICAL 3rd world "Company" ever tries to take any funds from my account I will spend my very last $ to put this "company" in the place it belongs.

I give them the respect that they have worked SOOOO hard to earn.

When I see these people doing stuff like they are doing to the OP it just maked my blood boil...