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Phoenix, AZ
reply to Irish Shark

Re: Netalyzer Shows: Uplink 540ms "Excessive Buffering"

Yeah I've had Cox a few times and recently had it for the past year of 2011 into summer of 2012. Had little to no problems what so ever. Everything ran beautifully. Got screwed over by roommates, had to find a new place, couldn't pay the shared bill of Cox and now I'm without it. A damn shame too.

My speeds are running okay overall.
If I want to download a movie or something I can reach a good 1.3 MB/s on uTorrent still.
Speedtest.net shows I'm maxing out at my available bandwidth also.
It just seems like everything is taking awhile to snap into effect. Webpage response times. Video buffering seems to have issues on live streams and youtube these days. And with games I'll have low pings and I can feel the lag of the game. Characters responding a good half second late which means everything in fast paced action games. And often feels like seconds at a time. All issues I didn't experience with Cox. Nor the beginning of this service at CL.

SNR: 30 dB 26 dB
Atten.: 0 dB 0 dB
Power: 16.8 dBm 7.3 dBm

I would believe those stats are good, right? Although a little concerned with my Upload side. Why not enough power is being pushed into it. Regardless of whether or not I'm running a lot of bandwidth on it or not.

The modem is also showing the Channel Type being Interleaved.

Now I dealt with an actual ADSL2+ Interleaved connection a few years ago on the eastcoast. And that caused me some really bad delay gaming. I had tried and tried to get the ISP to change my connection over to FastPath and they had no idea how or what I was even talking about. I had called so many times it was ridiculous. The reason I even discovered the difference between Interleaved & FastPath was because of the Verizon forums here that helped me understand it. And I was amazed when I saw that Verizon tech would switch those options on the fly for customers here directly from the forums. And yet the company I had been using, Fairpoint, would do no such thing. Didn't even seem to understand it either.
In the end I never did get it changed.

Now the first time I noticed the delay issues here with CL I had did a check on my modem stats and I saw the Interleaved type in the stats. I talked to online chat tech about it and told them my modem said it was on Interleaved and I did not want it to be on Interleaved.
The tech guy saw my stats, my connection, and the modem I was using and he told me I was running on a VDSL2 connection. He said VDSL does not use Interleaved, "it's impossible". And so he pretty much said not to worry about it, that it's a false status.
I don't know much about VDSL but I can tell you, I almost experience the exact same issue in some online games with this connection that I did with my old Fairpoint ADSL connection on the eastcoast. It never did settle with me. But from what I got from the tech guy, they'd never understand.

I had a theory that perhaps maybe VDSL doesn't run on Interleaved, but what if a modem accidentally by default tries to run data that way anyway? But then again this modem I have is designed for VDSL. However, it does have the ADSL option on it. And while it does show it is running VDSL2 - 8A, since the modem does have the ADSL option, maybe idk it's bugged out and running faulty channel types? It wouldn't surprise me.

I can't access the NID here, I live in an apartment unfortunately. I've got some experience with messing with NID's though from back when I lived in my home on the eastcoast with Fairpoint ISP. But yeah, I believe that may be off limits here in an apartment complex.

I have 2 outlets here in this place. And I tried testing on the one furthest away from the modem and computer. I'll do it again now and post you the result difference from that outlet.

SNR: 32 dB 30 dB
Attenuation: 0 dB 0 dB
Power: 16.8 dBm 1.4 dBm

That's the results in the further away outlet and with a 25 foot phone cord to reach.

Now I don't know how to read signals all too well, so you'll have to tell me which outlet works better for me.
Also, I live right next to a main street near Central so I'm sure once any signal reaches from the apartment to the power lines it goes flying fast from there.


Chandler, TX
Why is it showing your attenuation as 0dB?

My SNR has always run around 9-10.5, basically borderline. I've never had any problems with it until the recent oversold condition, though.

SNR Margin (dB): 9.9 10.0 SNR Margin (dB): 9.9 9.3
Attenuation (dB): 29.5 15.0 Attenuation (dB):29.5 15.1

in your case? it looks like oversold to me. it's pretty easy to test, just ping that first hop for a day

oh, run dnsbench or something and get some better DNS's also


Phoenix, AZ
My theory would be that because I'm right next to a main road and connected through fiber optic lines somewhere at one point? That's my guess anyway. I wanted to know what VDSL was and from descriptions its the use of phone line conversion to fiber optic lines? Which are said to be fast right?

Please correct me if I'm not even remotely correct. I'm not a network kind of guy so I'm just throwing out what I tried to piece together.
I'd still think that there be need for SOME form of dB though, even just 1-2 in attenuation. Afterall, I don't live right on the telco.

I'll do DNSbenchmark.