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New Jersey
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reply to Duramax08

Re: Dad got terminated for jury duty, what?

Case Study: Ignoring the Jury Duty Laws Was ‘Not One of His Smarter Management Decisions’

A Texas employer was arrested after firing a worker who insisted on honoring her civic duty of responding to a call for jury duty.

Jennifer Sutton, an executive assistant at Dallas-based computer company Affiliated Computer Services, claims she reminded her boss, Warren Edwards, about the jury duty summons several times in advance. She even confided that she was looking forward to serving on a jury for the first time.

Edwards’s response was to give her a reprimand and an additional work assignment, which she came to work early to finish on the morning her jury duty was to begin. He then demanded she stay to finish the task.

“I was in tears and told Mr. Edwards that I needed to go to jury duty,” Sutton recalls. “He said for me to pack up my stuff, consider this my last day, that I was fired.” The verbal pink slip was delivered ten days before Christmas.

Sutton’s tale so incensed District Judge John M. Marshall that he issued a warrant for Edwards’s arrest and ordered Dallas deputies to bring him in at once.

“I made it clear to him that this was not one of his smarter management decisions,” opined the judge.

“It was a mistake,” a computer company official later conceded of the firing.

Sutton seconded that emotion, refusing the company’s offer of another job. Her final demand was getting her former job back—or six months’ pay.

The final settlement terms are undisclosed. But the story of the ill-decided firing was writ large in newspapers nationwide.

Says if your father was a permanent employee, he's entitled to at least 1 year's compensation and reinstatement of his job.

To The Moon
San Antonio, TX
He did a application, got hired, they got him uniforms and even gave him a iphone for work. Is that consider permanent?

Note: when he went to go take his stuff back, the boss of the truck yard wasnt there, told my dad to leave the keys and uniforms in the truck.