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These Are The Good Ol' Days.
GTA Canada
·Bell Fibe
reply to skye

Re: 3-6 drops a day

There are two different issues being worked on by tech support right now...nothing officially announced but I know they are working to resolve the rebooting issue with the modem and the data flow stoppage also.

1. Modem reboots randomly
2. Data stops flowing (synch no surf) random times per day

Temp fix for #2 is to place the service on an IPTV or FibeTV profile but I don't have an answer for #1.
My Canada includes Quebec.
Disclaimer: If I express an opinion, it is my own opinion, not that of Bell or its related companies.


reply to Badboygt
Update on my end: I've had three techs out now. The first did nothing but promised a new modem that didn't arrive (new info: they should have a spare modem in their truck). The second tech replace the card at one end and my modem at the other. That night drops continued, and the following night it was horrible - I could barely keep a sync. That tech left his number but didn't show up again. I called in again and a third tech came out yesterday. At that point I hadn't experienced a drop in about 36 hours - rare! According to him, the line was fine from outside my house and poor inside. The modem upload speed was set to 10, but the modem couldn't maintain it. It is likely that on my last call in, they changed my profile and upload speed to 3, which the modem could maintain. My options: keep the 3 profile, or replace all of the internal wire.

I chose the second option. We reused a old hole for Bell ExpressVu and ran new wire right to the modem, three quarters of the way around the outside of my house.

He changed the profile back to 10, and so far no drops(16 hours).

What I've Learned:

1) tech quality varies widely. Keep calling them out until you get a good one
2) choose a time during the day, when it is warmer. Much higher chance for a complete solution
3) DSL is very sensitive... the new wire was twisted, which helps eliminate interference
4) the test center is probably dropping your upload speed to maintain sync. Use speedtest.net to verify. If you can live with slower upload, ask them to drop it and see if that changes things
5) I have my own theory that it is related to the outside temperature. But I haven't been able to prove it.
6) don't give up!

I do have an old house. The wire looked to be in good shape, but you can't see it in the walls. It also ran outside between floors.

I will report back again... but I may be fixed and actually getting 15/10.



Ajax, ON
reply to skye
It's an authentication problem. Could be your modem, but most likely an issue with your passwords for authenticating your acount. Call bell and they should be able to fix it over the phone.


reply to skye
Most likely it was something inside disturbing your line. I had a repair not to long ago where the customer would lose sync causing the fibe TV services to stop randomly. We actually pinpointed it to the treadmill. Every time it turned on modem would lose sync immediately and when you turned it off it would return to normal right away. We tried plugging the treadmill using an extension cord into different outlets and even moving the modem to no avail. There was a coax line running along the ceiling above the treadmill that may have been picking up some interference from the motor in the treadmill and sending it back to the modem.

What I did to remedy the problem was place an outside NID pots splitter and ran a dedicated cat5 line to modem jack. Grounded the cable splitter and placed ferrite connectors around the coax. I left my number with the customer and even followed up a few days later and he hasn't had a problem since.