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Whatta Ya Think About Dat?
Kitchener, ON
reply to Warzau

Re: [Service] Royalty fee increase

said by Warzau:

Im just curious how you knew or how long. I tried that on one of my older units it worked fine for a couple of months then nothing. Is it a issue of them sending the signal once or is it repeated?

I wonder that too. I have an older Sirius (2005) unit which I upgrade to a better unit (about 2008) then I migrated over to XM (2010?). Anyway, I cancelled when they got rid of BBC Radio 1 and Cinemagic. Plugged in the 2005 unit and it worked until XM offered me something I couldn't refuse. (I like MLB radio, something Sirius doesn't have). Anyway, before the XM offer, I had a notification on the 2005 unit about a 2 week free trial, and sure enough, the XM unit started working, for 2 weeks exactly. But the 2005 unit never stopped working. So I do wonder how long and often they send out signals.

If Satellite radio was smart, their units would not be working via activation/de-activation codes sent over the waves.
If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. - Albert Einstein


I believe XM gets kill signals on a more regular basis then Sirius. Not sure but I also think they both send out signals when you cancel but if the radio is off when it is sent it will not get it. With XM if you do keep getting a signal it will kill fairly soon where Sirius could go on for a while. Also I think that if there is a free preview there will be kill signals blasted out when it is over killing even radios that worked prior to it.

Naperville, IL
That's what I think is prob killed mine. IIRC It worked until the end of a preview.