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Las Vegas, NV
reply to SatManager

Re: [NV] Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands' Birthday Present

said by SatManager:

I do have a question - I have a Cisco DPC 3010 modem that is of course using 8x2. Does Cox assign less channels to the those with lower tier packages and keep a few channels only for Ultimate level customers?

We don't distinguish between service tiers for load balancing or channel usage purposes. How exactly the channel assignments and such occur vary market to market, and could vary node by node. Generally any scheme to do so would not make an efficient use of bandwidth on the cable plant, which we have to manage very carefully (remember DOCSIS channels compete with analog TV, digital TV, VOD, etc. etc., and it's all in around 150 channels worth of space.... and the upper 23 can't be used fully as they're so high a lot of receivers (and DOCSIS 2.0 modems) can't tune them.... and we need a COUPLE channels left unallocated for emergency "OMG" situations... and there's a few that are unusable due to noise, regulations, or the like.... it gets awfully tight, awfully quick.