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Boston, MA

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[TiVo] willbm3 - Channel Issues - Boston, MA

I just noticed that this problem returned today (at least in Boston). My TiVo had been working flawlessly for about a month and today it didn't record some programs due to "not authorized" issues. I tried to record the Bruins game on ch. 691 while watching the Celtics on 685....well, the Bruins recording failed because 691 is "not authorized" while I'm watching 685. This time around it seems to be affecting different channels. For example, last time if I had one tuner on a local HD channel the other tuner could tune any other channel. This time it can't. If one tuner is on NBC the other tuner can't tune Comedy Central.

Anybody else see this problem return? I'm extremely annoyed because I've owned a TiVo for about 6 weeks and I've been dealing with this problem for 2-3 of them