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Rochester, NY
reply to SimonTuffGuy

Re: [Internet] Unable to bridge new Frontier modems?

said by SimonTuffGuy:

V1000 in bridged mode, a Linksys WRT54G (just for test purposes) in place behind that... PPPOE setup with our credentials, and it just wouldn't grab an IP.

This made me think about when I had this trouble with a se567. I never did find what was the actual cause. I tracked it as far as thinking it was some glitch with Frontier's DHCP system. If I did a modem reset to default and went in a did setup with a PC direct to the modem and not through negear router it would work. But if I set the se567 to bridge mode it killed it. I know that Frontier has used MAC address for IP reservation. So even if I reset the modem and didnt change to bridge mode it would still fail and lose the gateway and if I went into my router and tryed to renew the lease I would get realy weird result it would only give me an IP but no gateway or any other lease info at all just the IP. I have not tryed this but I will. I base this idea on the fact that frontier uses MAC's to reserve IP's. Do a default modem reset but spoof your routers mac to the PC you will use so that you dont use the routers default mac. Heres why one it could be a simple conflict with an allready registered mac or they did this intentionaly to make it hard to use your own router. would be easy for them to do because they know the mac address range of any of the big router manufacturers.