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Chandler, TX
reply to GamerQwest87

Re: Netalyzer Shows: Uplink 540ms "Excessive Buffering"

Why is it showing your attenuation as 0dB?

My SNR has always run around 9-10.5, basically borderline. I've never had any problems with it until the recent oversold condition, though.

SNR Margin (dB): 9.9 10.0 SNR Margin (dB): 9.9 9.3
Attenuation (dB): 29.5 15.0 Attenuation (dB):29.5 15.1

in your case? it looks like oversold to me. it's pretty easy to test, just ping that first hop for a day

oh, run dnsbench or something and get some better DNS's also


Phoenix, AZ
My theory would be that because I'm right next to a main road and connected through fiber optic lines somewhere at one point? That's my guess anyway. I wanted to know what VDSL was and from descriptions its the use of phone line conversion to fiber optic lines? Which are said to be fast right?

Please correct me if I'm not even remotely correct. I'm not a network kind of guy so I'm just throwing out what I tried to piece together.
I'd still think that there be need for SOME form of dB though, even just 1-2 in attenuation. Afterall, I don't live right on the telco.

I'll do DNSbenchmark.