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Mississauga, ON
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Re: You are welcome DSLR - funny

said by funny0:

let me explain a few years back i was attacked on way home , i had tsi internet after a fight with BCE and had a bce phone after having paid for it they cut it off and on way home later that day i was attacked
and got a broken nose that bled very very badly and would not stop
when i got home i tried to call for an ambulance but bell cut off the phone and 9/11 ( illegal )
i dont remember cause i passed out but apparently the nitwits at bell hand't cut off my internet ( which they said and had the gual to admit they wanted too ) i emailed TSI andre whom then sent the ambulance etc to help me

i woke up in a pool of blood in my bed and they got me to a hospital and when there the jerk that did this showed up in a neck brace
while i sat waiting to get an xray.....

lets just say last time i moved i told bce that i live right beside a court house and i want no bs or 120$ ill sue you for the 2 contracts ya breached and the cost of the deposits i put onto pvrs you got back that i have a receipt for and showed them

they kept trying to claim they never got those two pvrs.
they sent a suit n tie guy to oversea the installation.

i recently got disability approved and decided to send tsi a few extra bucks to get andre some new cloths LOL, as a thank you and part of the joke to lighten up things for you all.

and for 4 days after this they hijacked the line after cutting my net off ......took a total a 3 weeks to get a dryloop and internet and never been able to get a phone and gave up.

i'm just glad bce are screwups and that TSI hires good people .....
btw before i moved to Peterborough bce on accounts page had a log of all the bandwidth a user did and you could go back something like 6 years.How's that for logging you.

Great story and kudos to Andre. Absolutely great that he did that. I'm sure anyone there would have done the same. Nevertheless, great to hear
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