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reply to Chandler00AZ

Re: [AZ] Speed Increase 01/31/13

said by Chandler00AZ :

Hi CoxTech1

I purchased an sb6141 and had it provisioned today. I can see all 8 down channels are bonded and 3 up channels are bonded. I have the Ultimate Plan and live in Chandler AZ.


My upload speeds appear to reflect the Ultimate plan (20Mb/s) but my download speeds are nowhere near max on the various speedtest servers I checked.

I called and made sure I wasn't on a promotional package and the rep said there is no "D3" for the Ultimate plan. Any ideas on why my down is so low for the 150 plan?

My signal to noise is 37dB for all 8 downstream channels. Any suggestions on why my up looks good but downstream is way off of max? It almost seems governed to around 70Mb/s which seems like the Premier but my Upstream is definitely Ultimate speeds.

Thanks : )

What kind of router do you have because it sure looks like something in your network is limited to 100mbps.

You will need a Router with a Gigabit WAN port, Gigabit LAN ports and a Computer with a Gigabit card.

Check all 3 of those and make sure everything is set to auto negotiate.


It was my router. Even though it says it has a gigabit WAN, it's obviously the problem. Here's my results without the router:

Time to research and buy a new router. Thanks Anonguy! Hope your advice helps others as well.


Avondale, AZ
I highly recommend the NetGear R6300.
I get my rated speed with it.


I bought the ASUS RT-AC66U router today and posted this after setting it up: (Cox 150 Mb/s Ultimate Plan) Motorola sb6141 modem