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Modoc, IN

pfSense with two Frontier DSL Lines - Issues!

I have two Frontier Max DSL 6/1 lines, two modems, and each of them gives me at least 6/768k with low pings and zero packet loss. Awesome.

The problem comes when I use pfSense to combine the two lines. It's very simple to do, and I've done it multiple times--even for clients. I was achieving a usual 10-13mbps/1-1.5mbps with ping times under 50ms almost any time of day. HOWEVER, earlier today I noticed everything seemed slow. I looked at my pfSense records and ping times were between 100ms and 2000ms with packet loss as high as 70% for both lines. I get between 0.5 and 1.5mbps down and 0.02mbps up. That is obviously not good, as I don't live in a congested area.

I called a friend nearby with Frontier and he said his lines are both fine, along with his pfSense box I built him.

I reset all the settings in the pfSense server and reset the modems, doing everything from scratch. Still nothing. If I disable one of the DSL connections in pfSense, it works fine. The moment I enable my Gateway Group, it all goes to crap.

I spent a long time on the phone with a frustrating tech support person who was of no use, but did verify there's nothing wrong with my lines. I agree with her, as condescending as she was.

Since I know this works pretty well for a lot of people and businesses, I'd like to know what's up. If anyone here has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it!
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There are some experts are on the pfSense fourms. Try submitting a query there.