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Lansing, MI
reply to Fronkman

Re: windows windows windows

Maybe vinyl windows are better now, but my 10 year old vinyl windows expand and contract with the weather. They leak horribly in both summer and winter because the frames never fit tight to each other. I have also had horrible leaking and fogging where it literally rains inside between the window panes. Fixing every thermopane in the house would cost near what a new window costs.

I replaced my living room picture window with an Anderson wood/aluminum clad bay window (400 series I think), and could not be happier. It is very quiet, and doesn't leak any air. I like the look and feel of the wood interior with the durability and low maintenance of the aluminum exterior. The windows (except the fixed window) tilt and clean very easily. They look more like an older window (in a good way) on the inside because of the wood.

I have heard very good things from many people about Anderson's warranty. They seem to stand behind things much better than the "cheap, whole house for $XXXX" windows in the TV commericals. My Aunt recently had 3-4 thermopane Andersons warrantied because of fogging, they are probably 15 year old windows, and they simply replaced them at no charge.