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Dr. Zoidberg

Elmhurst, NY
·Verizon FiOS
reply to negativeduck

Re: [Speed] SB6141 + 50/6 = Slow Speeds in Elmhurst, NY ???

said by negativeduck:

I see, strange yea you shouldn't have had that happen... I put a trace on it. This happen every night?


I'm not sure whats going on but this entire day my speed has been consistently in the 40 mbps (closer to my max of 50, usually around 45).
However, I just noticed my upload has started to stutter. As in it will start rising upto around 4mbps and then drop to around 2-3mbps is most speedtest. Usually the upload has always been constant around 5.7-6mbps (no issues).

I've test on and to new york speed test zones.

The only time I've seen the upload stutter is when you mentioned that there was a "noise" issue in the area. Not sure if something similar is going on now or if this just me. I've already rebooted the modem a couple of times along with my router and my devices.

I"ll keep tabs on the download and upload speeds throughout the day for a couple of days to see if the Download speeds have actually settled down to the 40+ mbps that I'm seeing now and also if the upload stuttering goes away.

I'll keep this thread updated.

Thanks for looking into this.

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