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Rowland Heights, CA
reply to andyjai

Re: [Southwest] Problem with Fios

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Seems like Verizon fixed it on Tuesday night. All Los Angels Speedtest.net servers give me around 60-80Mbps Down and 30up. Http downloads maxed out my connection and youtube is able to stream fine now. But I still wonder why the Verzion standard speedtest still give me poor result, while their 100Mb test give me full speed.


Costa Mesa, CA
I have had issues for the last 2 weeks between 7pm-11pm EVERY night. I live in Long Beach, CA and have a 75/35 Verizon FIOS line.

During those times, I get at best 10/35. My upload is never affected..however I cannot game, or do much of anything with the 1000ms pings and major packet loss.

I have had it with Verizon and their terrible techs and unwillingness to admit there is a problem.


Perris, CA
reply to andyjai
I got 7mbps down 23mbps on that test on the 75/35 package. Also noticed the CSR stopped responding on the Verizon Direct forum for me...