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London, ON
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reply to elitefx

Re: [DSL] DSL 25/10 upgrade mishapp

said by elitefx:

said by iceman202ca:

... I have had to take time off of work 2 days waiting for this tech, and I am going to have to do it again this 3rd time. I have already been charged for a speed I am not getting, and I am going to charged again.
....No calls, no contacts, nothing. Upon contacting TekSavvy customer service, they have rescheduled yet again. But, from the conversation I had, I am lead to believe that this company that TekSavvy pays for the tech determines if they are going to show up or not and TekSavvy has no control over it.

As far as I am aware, in Ontario, verbal contracts are binding. If Teksavvy has agreed to perform an install on a certain date then any lost wages etc. should be compensated to you by Teksavvy or their agents because of Teksavvy's failure to honor the agreement.

I as understand it, TekSavvy doesn't employ the technicians that do the install (someone from TekSavvy correct me if I am wrong here), it's just like with Rogers, they either work for or are contracted by Bell since its Bell's equipment and lines. It's part of the terms of using Bell's last might infrastructure. Putting the blame on TekSavvy only and holding them solely responsible is wrong in this scenario. I don't believe they ever verbally guarantee the install techs they don't employ or contract will show up. They have little recourse to deal with it other than complain to the CRTC.

Perhaps instead of blaming the company trying to give a better product than the incumbents , you should be talking to your local MP or candiates planning to run in the next election to make the curruption of the CRTC and Telecommunications industry an election issue. Since the ultimate blame lies squarely the government we all elected in (not voting is a vote of silence).