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Re: Windows 8's usage uptake falls further behind Vista's

Vista and Win 8, were specifically designed to literally to be a new OS to replace their predecessors. Replace as in new and not in as improved functions like a super Service Pack. In that regards Vista was a total failure, (which is why MS doesn't even mention Vista unless its absolutely necessary), and so far as of this date Windows 8 is suffering the same fate.

Subjectively, the numbers of users that bought Vista stated at a percentage that was unacceptable that Vista sucked given what it was advertised to be and in certain areas of performance. As new OS it died quickly. The autopsy completed with the release of Win 7 confirmed the extent of the fatal disease of Vista.

Windows 8 so far is failing at the same rate. Because of the newness of the OS the reasons for its failing acceptance is still being argued. All though new it is currently on life support. Will it survive or is an autopsy complete with a replacement OS two years in the future? Bookies say the odds are 3-1 it will be so. The odds may change with the passing of time.
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