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reply to koreyb

Re: CNOC speed matching decision due next week

said by koreyb:

....I know a lot of people with D2 modems.. almost every one has issues during peak.

My point was, D2 modems are obsolete, and to sell a D2 modem and the headache that comes with it to keep it working properly in highly populated areas especially, is not fair or right for lower tech customers.

It leaves very bad taste of the ISP, as most think this is an issue with the ISP, not the technology they are using. Look at these forums, and you will see this. Rogers refuses to give anyone over 15mb a d2 modem at this point, so it's time they do the same for the new speed tiers on TPIA.

You may not like it, but D2's days are over. Moving forward TSI knowing this is coming, should pick up a cheaper D3 modem like Acanac and others have, for people on a budget, but stop selling D2 - as well warn people with D2, they may experience slow downs during peak....

Hear, Hear !

I preach this sermon every chance that I get.

It is false economy for customers to save a few bucks up front by choosing a D2 modem, and ISPs should stop offering them, EVEN to folks who choose a lower speed tier and swear that they will never ask to upgrade.