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Caveat Emptor
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Re: You can add

The problem in all large corporations is the right hand does not know what the left is doing. DSL is not going way.

What is going away, or I should say, what AT&T and the other national telco are trying to do is drop the old POTS phone line that requires a pair of copper wires from the main office to the home. If they are successful, then the copper line will carry the digital signal to a D-A converter box. At this point the digital signal is converted to analog from the box to the house where part of the uplink speed is used for the digital telephone.

The advantage is you get a faster download speed and it costs telco less money to provide internet and phone. How fast or how well it works is not in your control. It is dictated by the equipment used by telco, and the equipment provided to you at your home by your phone company. I suspect the UVerse box is what holds the D-A converter for several customers; I've never seen one. If this is the case, you are not losing Internet, you are gaining a digital phone.

It is happening all over the country from coast to coast. The question is whether or not FCC will let them bypass federal law that requires them to provide telephone service to the most remote areas in the country.

Right now it is a bumpy ride, but it should improve in the next few months.
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