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London, ON
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reply to MaynardKrebs

Re: Rogers mail - iPhone gets mail, Mac doesn't

There are absolutely no error messages in Apple's Mail program? It seems a little suspicious that the settings are correct for both, yet only one receives email.

If the Mail program on the computer isn't receiving email there's really only a few things it could be....

- Incorrect settings.
- AV or Firewall blocking it (Yes, I realize this is a Mac. Doesn't mean one of these wasn't/isn't installed).
- Is she reading/discarding the email on her phone? Maybe she's deleting them and expecting to see them in the Mail program?

If all of the above pans out, I'd hit up Rogers. However, chances are there's nothing wrong with the account and it's just not setup correctly on the user end.

Personally, I'd grill her a little bit more for info hahaha. I can't even remember how many times I've heard "I didn't change a single thing!!!" only to find out later "I installed /insert random app name here/ yesterday." or "Well I did /insert setting change in something related here/ after asking a bunch of other questions. Lol

Heave Steve, for the good of the country
My niece contacted Rogers last night and they swore it wan;t anything at their end, yet mysteriously an hour later her mail began re-appearing on her Mac.

She had rebooted her machine & restarted Apple Mail several times prior to calling Rogers - but that didn't do anything. She changed no settings on her Mac, either for networking or Mail settings.

I'm not familiar how mail is pushed to the iPhone (not having one), so I'm left to speculate that there was a stalling of something in the Rogers/Yahoo smtp servers in California that got fixed.

Most likely there might of been an issue with your specific email address using the POP server, iPhones are usually set up using IMAP by default which pushes the email down right away. When you have this issue try without deleting the account set up another account on ur mac mail and see if it receives that email in the inbox.