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Hazy Arc

Greenwood, SC
reply to zevus

Re: [Embarq] Code red emergency in Chandler, Tx possibly Flint a

And I thought my connection was bad. At least during the evening my RTTs rarely go above 100ms. You have my sympathy, sir.


Chandler, TX
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Feb 7th
It's only about half as bad as it was during those few months before I cancelled at the end of 2010 and January of 2011.

I bet it is related to that problem in Edom. I get the same thing, 'bandwidth exhaust', since I first noticed it start happening again in... probably November or so. It only recently started getting horribly bad, though.

I haven't been on the computer since 11AM, so virtually no network activity (just my pings and the stuff coming from smokeping) and here's the chart for the last 24hrs (oh, I set packetloss to scale to 10% since this is local packetloss, the packetloss you'd get to my IP from some remote site would be a lot more... w/ it set to 10% the scale is probably pretty accurate if you used the red lines as an absolute % of 100 from a remote site).

B, I sent the info through that form.