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Bolton, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
reply to nekkidtruth

Re: Google Fiber

said by nekkidtruth:

said by BliZZardX:

WIND is on life support. It's not fair to expect them to offer anything except wireless until they put their money in their mouth at the 700MHz auction.

The big 3 on the other hand, are probably going to build FTTH to Canadians before Google ever thinks of it. Look at Bell, they are pulling out copper now and replacing it with fiber because its less expensive and lasts 100 years instead of 30. In 15 years at least half of Canada will have FTTH. And by that time 10Gbit will be standard. Management will change, like it always does, and there will be more competition around, so the prices will come down too.

For the sake of playing devil's advocate, how exactly is WIND on life support?

They're currently sitting pretty with around 600,000 subscribers. Have they plateaued at the moment? I'm sure they have however, I don't see adding 200,000 subscribers over a year as being on "life support".

I doubt WIND is going anywhere anytime soon.

they are primed to be bought out by rogers