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Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN
reply to Lone Wolf

Re: I don't like the mandatory data plan, but...

said by Lone Wolf:

said by cdru:

said by Lone Wolf:

Even funnier than the math game with data plans is the math game with subsidized phones. People are paying up to $1600 for a $400 phone because they bought a subsidized phone for $1 ( or so they thought).

Can you give an example, please?

Here's a quick example.

»Does Anybody Ever Look At What They're Buying?

But that example is not what you said. You said they are paying $400 for a phone, but then you use a $600 phone as an example.

Your plan pricing might have been correct when you posted your message, but 2GB data+unlimited voice on Verizon is now $100+taxes/fees.

Your $40-60 MVNO plan doesn't include LTE data as Verizon's does. And depending on which MVNO you go with, you may be stuck with just 3g speeds, not even HSPA+.

Also depending on which MVNO, data or voice coverage may be less then what a MNO's coverage is, due to the MVNO not having the same roaming agreements or favoring one network over one that has a better signal at a location.

Going with a carrier directly isn't a requirement for everyone. But a MVNO doesn't meet everyone's requirements either. Just saying people are paying $1600 for a phone is a little bit of a characterization of the situation.