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Go Canucks Go
Hamilton, ON
reply to A Lurker

Re: Court tells employers to accommodate child-care requests

said by A Lurker:

said by Mike2009:

Men have childcare responsibilities as well.

Agreed, but employers don't usually consider that when interviewing. I work with someone who leaves early every Friday to pick up his kids (shared custody). I don't pay specific attention as we don't cover for each other. Also because if I do it would likely piss me off. He works 90 mins a week less than myself and a few other employees. I know it pisses off his closest coworker a lot.

His boss doesn't work in the same city (and I'm sure he knows), however, although he may think he makes up his time by taking shorter lunches, the rest of us at times work through our lunches and don't cut out early. I've seen this way more with women (and I'm sure it affects employer's attitudes when hiring).

Years ago someone told me that the difference between Russian and American motivation was as follows. If an American has 2 cows and his neighbour has 3, the American is motivated to work harder to have the same number as his neighbour or maybe even more. The Russian, in the same scenario, will kill one of their neighbour's cows so that both have the same number.

It seems to me that we have started killing a lot of our neighbours' cows. What changed?