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dry loop question

I called to have Acanac come and install a dry loop.
They contracted that out to Bell, and it was installed.
Question is, what exactly did they install?
Was it 2 wires in my demark box that i physically have to connect to?
Or is it attatched on the lines coming into the house?
I still currently have Bell home phone connected, so if they attached it to the incoming line, im thinking it wont work (the dry loop) until Bell cancels their services.
Any and all help is appreciated.


If you have an existing bell line a new line was most likely setup and that dry loop dial tone is most likely at your nid waiting for someone to connect it to the entrance wire and ultimately to your inside wire going to the modem jack, what you can do is use the second pair going into your home (if you have a second pair) and connect it to your new dry loop, OR you can take your isw that's connected to your bell line and just move it to the dry loop, only thing is that this will knock out your bell line in your home


Thanks Ruggs,
I have no problem knocking out my bell line, because i also have voip on the dsl line that is coming in on the dry loop.
Im trying to figure out where/what exactly the dry loop wires are.
I see 3 pair coming from the box on my front yard into the demark.
2 pair are connected within the demark (maybe one of those is the dry loop) and going inside the house.
If i can determine what is the dry loop, ill just connect it to the yellow and black pair (second pair) going inside.
Any easy way to tell?


For you id say the best way is trial and error, hook up a modem to a line and see if it syncs, anything beyond that I'd say to call up your isp, maybe they might be able to help better