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Nokesville, VA
reply to rell89

Re: [speed/latency] Is verizon lying to me?

Do you have the capability of connecting directly to the NID (the box where the service comes into the house)?

If so, do that and get a copy of the stats.

I think of that as reflecting Best Case for your home. That way, if you see a major diff between the 2 sets of stats you know that the cause is somewhere inside of the house.

Several years ago I accepted Verizon's offer to try their 7Mbps (capped at only 5Mbps, though) for 6 months for no extra cost.

I was seeing much lower (and inconsistent) Up&DN synch speeds. I checked at the NID and obtained a perfect & consistent 5Mbps synch.

Armed with that information I was able to do some testing inside my house and determined one particular run of wire to be the culprit. Apparently, it could handle 3Mbps but 5Mbps was just too much.

BTW, my Attenuation Downstream at that time was running ~42-45 and I realized that 5Mbps would be pushing it ... but once I got that bad length of wire sorted, I had a solid 5Mbps for the remainder of that Trial.