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Re: Pergo - Cleaning

I have a lot of floors to clean. Living room dining room without walls, long hall way, home office and spare room with a bird.

I am going to try the office first with the Windex and see how it goes.

I have a dog who is allergic to so many things I hesitate to try the windex but a small area and we will know pretty quickly.

I think any cleaner that leaves a residue is what makes it streaky and shows paw prints. Ammonia based Windex most likely will not leave a residue.

Not sure what other flooring would have been an option.
With the pugs carpeting was a nightmare.

Thanks again for the suggestions.
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Houston, TX

1 recommendation

I have about 1600 sq ft of the stuff so I know what you mean about alot. We normally buy the wal-mart store brand glass cleaner since it's half the cost and works just as good. Dollar store versions on the other hand don't have as much ammonia or alcohol one of the two and don't work.