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Wireless Extender and Audio Streaming Help

I can not stream internet radio, Rhapsody, etc, from my Linksys Router through my wireless extender. When I connect via the extender audio will not stream.

Recently I learned that the problem is that the extenders are repeaters.

"This is actually quite normal behavior of a Range Extender. Range Extenders work off of the idea of pulling a signal from the Base Station and then repeating the signal frequently, this generally causes rebuffering issues with most wireless devices within a network."

I think I need a wireless extender access point that does not repeat the signal. Who makes these? How do I make this work.



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Tell us Linksys router model, where it's located in the building relative to the devices/computers connecting to it, and whether all are 802.11n, all are b/g, or a mixed b/g + n environment. Describe building and desire signal pathway through it - especially if you are communicating on different floors.

There are alot of variables to sussing wireless performance issues and often it's managing signal pathways within the building. Most can be solved by proper location of router, position and type of antennae and going to pure N. But need info on what the radio waves need to contend with: same building?, apt complex, 4 story mansion?


Fairfield, CA
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The router is a Linksys WRT54G V2. The audio device is Denon.

The Wireless Extender is a Hawking 300n repeater.

I can connect and stream audio, internet radio, and Rhapsody from the Denon to the Linksys without issue but the wireless signal is weak. However when I connect to the Hawking, strong signal 100%, the SSID that points to the Linksys, the audio will not load buffer.

I think it might have something to do with repeaters and buffering.


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There’s a difference between audio that won’t stream at all (as in, you can’t make a connection through the extender/repeater) vs. buffering, where you at least know you have connectivity, if a bit choppy/inconsistent.

We also have a terminology issue here. Generally speaking, a repeater extend the range of wireless AP by using the same radio (and thus by definition the same freq) for both the client and AP sides. In contrast, an extender uses two radios, each on different freqs, one for the client side, the other for the AP.

As you can imagine, the extender is more efficient. The repeater has to constantly toggle between client and AP mode. And that’s where you can get a lot of “hiccups”, esp. for time sensitive operations. The best example is using VOIP over a single radio repeater. You’ll get a “choppy” audio stream that’s intolerable to most ppl. But if you switch to an extender with two radios, that usually works much better.

Of course, you can create your own two radio extender by connecting two dd-wrt routers together, one in client mode, the other in AP mode, using different freqs. Most ppl don’t bother for simplicity sake and to save money. And under most circumstances you wouldn’t notice the difference anyway. But again, for time sensitive operations, it could help.


Fairfield, CA
Thanks for trying to help here.

First I can connect to the Denon to the internet via the extender's SSID no issue. I can also check Denon AVP status via internet link with Japan Denon so I have a good connection from the extender to the router.

However, when I try internet radio it will not connect no buffering at all. Normally the unit will show buffering to 100% and begin playing.

A little different with Rhapsody. The Denon connects and buffers to 100% and audio music begin playing streaming. Then the buffering begins to disappear drops to 0% and the Denon will not reconnect and will not stream audio music.

I think this is an important topic because the extender manufactures claim you can stream audio and video with their products however it appears you can not, anyway with Hawking.

Extenders work great with Internet connections for laptops and such.

However, another interesting point is when I connect to Rhapsody via my Windows XP laptop, or my iMac using the extenders SSID network it does stream music.

I have spent hours trying to get this work. Can not do!


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If possible, temporarily patch the Hawking repeater to the Linksys over wire, then try again. IOW, eliminate the wireless client side of the pathway and see if things improve. I just want to see if we can pin down the culprit by a change in config.


Fairfield, CA
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The Hawking is a simple device not much you can with it.

FYI, here are Hawking settings.

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
Domain Name Server IP:
MAC Address:

What I did do because I needed a new router is purchased a Linksys EA6500.

I really do not think it will solve this but it does have 3 strong antennas so possibly I will not need the extender.



Fairfield, CA
I installed the Linksys EA6500 and everything is working perfectly. Streaming Audio from Rhapsody and Internet via extender and new router without issue.

Perhaps the WRT54G was too slow. Anyway it appears that the new router has fixed the problem.