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·TekSavvy DSL
reply to skye

Re: 3-6 drops a day

If it's happening at around same time everyday. It could be something in your house that is interfering with the DSL.

In my case, it was my father turning on certain florescence lights at around the same time every night. And once they were turned on I kept losing my DSL signal until they were turned off.


that's interesting, one of the bell guys suggested that it could be the fluorescence's in the house. the lights are off in the room where the modem is most of the time and i've tested this theory by turning on those same lights during the stable period (morning/early afternoon) which had no affect on the modem in that period. I've also done the reverse and have all the flouro's in the room and neighboring room off during the unstable period which also had no affect.

i live in a standard residential home with no heavy equipment running other then a washer or dryer at times and those have been both on and off during both stable and unstable periods with seemingly no affect.

Skye if you come back please let me know what part of the country/province you are in, i'm trying to get this handled with bell and it would be nice if i could provide other examples of where this is happening other then my location. would be awesome if we happened to be close and even more awesome if we are on the same node which would point at some hardware issues that they might not have expected.

although i'm leaning more towards a protocol issue since it's happening over PPPOE where our modems are dropping the connection and reconnecting in minutes.... bell removed the bridge tap they had on my line so waiting for a couple of hours to get into my unstable period to see if that helped, if not they are bringing more experienced software techs to examine the logs themselves....