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Need help diagnosing Uverse line problem

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Hi all,
I've been having 2 kinds of intermittent issues with my uverse:
1) Every so often (ranging from minutes to hours) the TV & Internet connection would lose signal with high error rate (using UV Realtime; RG 3801HGV with flashing green lights for broadband). Problem typically goes away within a minute or so.
2) Every so often (ranging from hours to days) the TV & Internet connection would lost service completely (solid red light for service). Here's the interesting part about this error, if I go to the wall plate where the coaxial cable connects to the wall plate and then tighten and untighten the connector there, the service would come back on in about 30 seconds with lot error rate.

The problems above would come and go and it's been doing it for more than a year now. We've had more than 15 techs (yes you read it right) out here and multiple calls with Level2 folks but no success thus far. As of now the tech basicaly suggest pulling a CAT5 from outside into the house and the condo association would only allow the tech to drill hole through the concrete below the sidings (they want to protect the sidings) and we're waiting for the tech to get a drill bit that can go through concrete.

What I'm wondering is:
1) Why is it that up to last year the connection didn't have such problem (1 or 2)
2) Why does #2 above go away if I tighten/untighten the connector at the wall plate

Any suggestions would be very much apprecriated.


Michigan, US
It's hard to say what's causing the issue. The screwing/unscrewing of the coax fixing the issue makes me think that ground/shield on the coax is somehow picking up a ground loop/charge, and disconnecting it breaks the circuit.

Regardless of what is causing the issue, I have a good feeling running cat5 will fix it.


Opelika, AL
reply to KL
Looks like you have a bridge tap. Schedule a premises tech to have a look.

Belleville, IL
if unscrewing the connector at the wallplate makes it go away or worse it could be the fitting of the wallplate itself, the coax end your unscrewing or the fitting behind the wallplate all of these are suppose to be changed to att fittings when an install is down so if any of these are not it could be causeing the issue

I also(but without looking at all my online tools) thing you might be on too high a speed profile and that could be causing the intermittent drops. if your speed profile(32m, 25m, or 19m) is too close to what the max line rate for your distance is it can cause issues example max attainable rate of 38m and on 32m profile you are almost 100 of what is available and that could be part of the issue


reply to KL
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Update: the problem got worse, to the point where we didn't have connection at all. A tech came out, couldn't figure out what's wrong other than that the line is bad. He ended up just trying his luck replacing the connector that connects the phone cable from the external box to the coaxial cable and here's the much improved result (reset the router again last night; other than the initial 31 seconds of wait time there's no drop at all). I hope this stays this way but I've seen problem come back before so I'll be monitoring it.


I hope that the phone cable you speak of is the service drop in the NID. If it is and you had an old brick vdsl splitter/ coax balun that might have done it.