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Barry little


Universal Caller ID still not working after 7 calls to suppo

what the hell! Univseral caller id still not working after 7 calls to tech support.

People Suck.

Dover, DE
What kind of TV box do you have?

Motorola or SA? model?

Newtown, PA
reply to Barry little
If you are referring to the PC version, there has been a problem since April. I have written about it several times here and on the forums at comcast.com.

The short story- no one in customer service/tech support/comcast forum support/executive team knows what is happening, but it is not their fault. They have not been advised as to what the problem is and what steps are being taken to fix it. I am in touch with a rep in the National Technical Support Center in Colorado, and he has been investigating the situation with the engineering group that is working on it.

The latest fix has been in testing for the last month, and has held up well. It may have been released into production on 2/5 or 2/6 (I have been logged in to CallerID since late on 2/5 and it is working), but I won't know for sure until tomorrow.

Note: A new download of software is NOT required. The problem is in the servers at Comcast, and the fix takes place on the servers.

I will post an appropriately titled new thread when I get confirmation.