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reply to Kewjoe

Re: [Cable] Customer support goes worst and worst

I'm working in IT for more than 10 years supporting servers, networks, routers, etc. The problem that I had wasn't related to any DNS. Simply the Online light was blinking and that's all. Nothing else. The signal was fine on the modem. I let the tesksavvy support know about this with print screens.

Funny that after I posted this in 1 hour the internet works, without touching anything in my house and no roger technician around.

I hope that teksavvy can improve more the customer support and problem solving not just wasting of all sides time.

Anyways Teksavvy don't forget Rogers, Bell are not idiots to wait how they loose their customers.


North York, ON
Well I hope you enjoy the better service and customer service of Rogers or Bell. Good luck!

TSI Paul
Business Services Rep
Chatham, ON
reply to Cosmin
I'm glad to hear things are working again but if it was a signal related issue Rogers may have seen something and resolved it without sending a tech out.

I can assure you that we have no control on the signal power going to the modem.