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Re: [Cable] Customer support goes worst and worst

said by Cosmin :

I'm with Teksavvy for more than 3 years. In 2009 I moved from Teksavvy DSL to cable as I had a lot of issues "related to Bell network" in my area. Everything was fine, except few outages (half day maximum), now since Feb 5th I have no Internet. I opened a ticket with technical support, they told me to wait 48hours.
In the same building I have 2 friends with cable teksavvy in the same situation. They called teksavvy with the same result like me. I asked teksavvy support guys why they cannot rise the priority of the ticket or create a mass ticket as I'm not the only one in this situation. They told me that 3 people are not enough for a mass ticket.

The funny thing is that second day after my internet was down, one sales representative from Rogers came to me and my friends asking if we are happy with the internet and if not they can try to get me the same internet that I have now.

In the same building all rogers customers have internet and the rogers tv is working.

As this is the third day since I don't have internet and nobody from teksavvy cares too much I start considering the offer from rogers guy because sometimes I have to work from home and I need the internet for VPN connection. Also my phone is a VOIP.
I cannot wait 3 days or one week until somebody will look into my ticket. My payment is every month at the same date, same amount doesn't matter if internet is working or not.

I recommended teksavvy to most of my friends but looks like they are no longer looking for their customers as they have probably enough customers to get a good revenue so in the future I will be more careful with your services and if I will ever recommend you.

Hi There,

I'm really sorry to hear about this- just to reiterate what Paul said, we are available for you in the direct forum, or if you are talking to Paul via PM, then you're in good hands as well. Hope we can get this resolved for you ASAP!

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