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·TekSavvy DSL
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Re: 3-6 drops a day

That's the interesting part with mine.

I have a big florescence light in the same room as the modem, it doesn't affect it one bit.

But 1 florescence light upstairs, effects it. It seemed to effect it more at night then in the morning.

I could make it happen on demand later on.

The connection hub modem was the one most affected. The 2wire, could handle it better. It still disconnected with the light but not as often.

The connection hub, also disconnected with me on one coffee maker I had in the same room. Every time I made coffee, POOF no DSL! The 2wire wasn't affected with that issue.

I've since replaced that light with a LED.


really wish Skye would get on


Hi all, I'm in Toronto (near High Park). No fluorescent lights in the house, and you can see from the time stamps that some of the time it goes down in the middle of the night (1am) when the lights are out. My plan now is to replace the modem, once. Also to keep a log digest of every instance of Link Down. You can see it started at the beginning of the thread.

If there are others with the problem, a similar list of link down lines would help us see if there is any correlation in terms of frequency or time of day.

Belluser123 - what is a "bridge tap"?


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from looking at your log all the drops are after dark....any motion detected lights or anything like that your next door might have or you....this can cause the issue your describing. baby montiors anything else wireless in the area can cause what you see....


reply to Skye
bridge tap info on this site aml is another possible isue but i would rule out them both based on the fact they signed you up for the speed your getting...its most likely an inside wiring issue


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a bridge tap is when the have a line coming off of your line on the way to your house that is usually used to run off to another house. i believe it's fairly common but if they aren't terminated properly or get damaged they can cause interference


reply to noemails
they've already redone all the lines in my house


Updated drop log... frequency dropping without any changes.

Feb 4 05:12:55 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 4 17:42:03 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 4 17:55:30 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 4 18:48:45 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 4 19:01:33 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 4 20:19:04 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 5 11:20:25 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 5 16:57:22 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 5 18:59:24 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 6 01:04:25 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 6 01:25:51 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 6 01:41:41 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 6 01:43:36 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 6 09:54:09 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 6 17:12:11 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 6 18:06:05 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 6 20:52:07 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 7 16:58:15 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 7 19:49:09 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 7 21:00:56 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 7 21:13:45 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 8 17:01:19 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 8 20:43:45 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 8 21:02:46 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 8 22:10:55 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 8 22:28:40 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 8 22:44:21 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 9 10:20:13 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 9 19:44:34 [PPPoE]: Link Down
Feb 10 02:21:05 [PPPoE]: Link Down


i'm still having the issues as well, i have the ear of the bell guys that have been to my house and they've been giving me the tour of the system and how it works. we've replaced the modems a number of times, we've tested the lines dozens of times and removed anything on the physical line that *could* have some issue.

still no resolution and the links are still dropping over pppoe. no real update for you but still having the issues which seem to only happen after 4/5pm.

it seems from your log that it also drops during the same period as me as well. can you let me know if you connection is stable during the day up to before 4pm?