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New York, NY

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reply to Darkfairy

Re: Windows 8's usage uptake falls further behind Vista's

said by Darkfairy:

said by PeteC2:

an equal contributing factor is that the pace of hardware development and CPU changes have slowed noticeably in recent years.

You bring up a good point. A lot of people trying to run Vista were trying to run it on 128 and 512MB of system memory when it really needed at least 4GB. This is the problem with having a 10 year release cycle.

There is a little more to it then that. Vista heralded wider adoption of 64bit over Windows XP 64. Such a transition wasn't easy for many. There was also an issue with drivers (lack of drivers / poor drivers) for many (which likely would have been true for XP 64) and general bugs in the then new OS as well as lackluster computer hardware in use during that time,...

Software support issues and many of the general problems that occur with an OS upgrade,...

So it was a combination of issues colliding. For those hit with multiple issues when things previously worked fine in XP it would be difficult to do anything other then vilify Vista,.....and go back to XP.

For those with robust computer hardware and no noteworthy software, driver or hardware problems upgrading / using Vista wasn't difficult,....

Jedi Poster

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Octavean, your post is outstanding in its content and relevancy. Well done!

I have to add something though that might be considered by some a bit at odds with the undeniably accurate info you posted.

When MS decided to replace XP with a new OS it made a big deal of it starting five years before the release of Vista. They boldly and publicly stated that they were going to make the design of a new super OS to replace XP has THE number one goal or priority of the company. They were going to spare no effort in money or manpower to make the pending wonderful new modern OS that we all were going to love.

About five years later they rolled out Vista as the end product of their super top priority new OS that would change our lives---Vista!

For both the reasons you mention plus the interface itself it was shocking to many, myself included, that THIS was the end result of five years of the best MS could produce sparing no effort or cost? It was in that context an embarrassment to the company and a shock to the user anticipating what was being advertised as coming from MS.

Naturally, Vista never took off really, and very quickly after the newest thing in town syndrome rapidly wore off and reality sunk in the OS was accurately labeled a failure by MS and they ended up two years later with OS 7, which is what Vista should have been.

OS 7 is IMO clearly the best OS MS has ever designed even accounting for the time period any prior OS was released.

Unfortunately, OS Win 8 is starting off in way too many areas in a negative way including the totality of reception by its users. Many like it. No doubt about that. But way too many don't like it and vocally so. That is not a good trait in any context.
The signal is usually drowned out by the noise.

New York, NY
Thank you, and you make a very good point yourself.

I will say thought that when Vista was in development and nearing release I think it became clear before the product went gold that intended features were being dropped.

I liken this to my Intel Core i7 3930K / Asus P8X79 Deluxe based system in some ways. We were hearing about features of the X79 chipset like SAS support, motherboards with 14 SATA ports, an improved Intel SRT SSD caching feature and more,.....all were apparently dropped to get the product out the door on time.

I get that anticipation and expectation of a great new OS may be impossible to live up to under the circumstances but I also don't think people should get swept away with said expectations.

I mean, at the end of the day we all have to live in the real world and it helps to have realistic expectations regardless of what a company may say about their "magical" new widget.

Sees More Than Shown
reply to Blogger
So when all support for XP ends in a year, are all these users (40% of Windows desktops) going to abandon Microsoft because "too many don't like Windows 8"? Mass migration to Apple? Android?
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They'll be forced to use whatever the MS monopoly is selling when their machines die.. or just go on with XP without updates till that time arrives... there aren't any reasonable alternatives...

reply to digitalfutur
said by digitalfutur:

So when all support for XP ends in a year, are all these users (40% of Windows desktops) going to abandon Microsoft because "too many don't like Windows 8"? Mass migration to Apple? Android?

Ready to dump Windows, is Mac or Linux better for me?
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