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New Britain, CT

What would you like to read about?

I finally got a bit of momentum with a few friends and I working on a blog, a project Ive been wanting to start for some time. We are pretty open to topics (and even contributors) and I'm interested in what questions or topics anyone in the web dev/design business would be interested in reading about? The site is GuysThatCodeForMe and we just started. There are a mess of topics and we are looking for direction. Are there any students out there or anything like that that might have questions for senior developers who have been in the business for almost 10 years? Between the group, we have experience consulting, working contracts, on our own, w2, w4, etc. So chances are if your in a situation, we would be able to help with SOME advice.

I do plan on linking here and probably even some of you users that helped me with my start many years ago, if only to just show how simple the questions were so long ago and how some members here shaped me (and sometimes saved my ass) when I used to do consulting full time.

So my questions are these: Do you have any topic suggestions or directions you think I should take the site? I know the area is overdone as it is, but it feels good to spread the knowledge when/where I can and also give back and say thanks. Do you have any long standing questions that maybe I can answer to make an article out of? If so, post the question here and Ill write the response if I can help, business or technical. Any other advice?
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Fort Wayne, IN

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The basics are always good. For instance, simple HTML like how to format an <a href=""> tag. Or testing/debugging your work to ensure it works.


New Britain, CT
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