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Tomahawk, WI
reply to mark42

Re: [Exede] How is Excede in north NJ area?

said by mark42:

In the first 14 days of this months billing cycle we used 35.5 gigs.

So im thinking of switching to Excede with the unlimited night time feature. Do you think Excede is a better choice than Hughesnet's 15/15 gig plan?
Any input is greatly appreciated.

Why would you consider yourself a candidate for Gen4 ?

Because I can have the 9000 (for some odd reason) and 3G for mobile use.

Almost a year now with Exede has been a real trip.
Using HN speed test always 13-15,900kb/s.
TMN usually 19-21mb/s, only twice have I seen congestion that lasted only 20 minutes.
Do I feel cheated with only 8mb/s.

Last month switched from Dish Network to direct to Exede for the 5 hour »www.exede.com/internet-packages- ··· ree-zone
They even waived the early termination, precious...


Blairstown, NJ
Well I got things sorted out. Most if not all of the problems we were having were tied to the WRT54G3G-ST router. I have two of these, and they both have the same problem.

I noticed that when the laptops got disconnected, the desktop w/ethernet cable stayed connected. Switched routers and still same problem. So I bought a new dual band gigabit router to handle the WI FI, and connected the WRT54G3g-ST to it like a modem (with WIFI turned off). Problem solved. No more disconnects, and when a genuine Sprint disconnect happens, the router auto connects again in about 30 seconds or so.

I have not had to reboot modems or disconnect/reconnect once since making this change.

And its not unusual to get 2.0+ Mbps sustained download speeds now. Another plus is the whole system is now gigabit and large files move in and out of the server in minutes rather than hours.

Thanks for all the input!
Internet: Sprint Wireless, CellAntenna CAY1912 Panel antenna, Cyfre CA-819 amp, Linksys WRT54G3G-ST/ EA2700 routers, Pantech PX-500 data card. Storage: Windows Home Server 2011