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Glencoe, MO

Anyone having issues when pluging a switch into a NVG510 gat

I recently upgraded from ATT DSL to ATT Uverse. Unfortunately its the only game in town on the street i live on.

DSL worked great but was only a 1.5 MB connection need more bandwidth so I upgraded to uverse internet to get to 3MB.

Since then I have nothing but issues. I have my whole house wired with CAT 6 for several tv's and bd players which are connected via a 8 port gigabit dynamex switch. This was plug and play with att dsl at my new house and charter at my old house.

The nvg510 only has 4 ports and I need 6 additional for my cat 6 runs to connect all tv's and bd player to my media server.

The issue is when i plug in the switch the gateway it kills the connection on all ports on the gateway and the switch.

Networking does not get any simpler than a switch.
Does the nvg510 not support switches?

Do i need to buy a gigabit router to connect to the gateway and then connect my switch to the router for this to work?

If the gateway needs to be configured what are the settings?

Thank you in advance.

I called att tech support several times and they are useless.

I cannot be the only guy in America who connects a switch to the nvg510 gateway and it quits working.

Also the DNS time out issue is something att needs to fix. How embarrassing the guy who set it up set the time out to short and it does not help that the nvg510 is a piece of ****. Which i confirmed from several blogs.


Opelika, AL
The ports on the NVG510 are 10/100, not gigabit.

As for solving the dns problem, see this page. True bridge mode is the only solution. You will also have to buy a router though. I suggest the Zyxel USG50 or higher.


Glencoe, MO
Thanks for the the reply.

So to make it clear I will only use one port on the gateway to conect to the router. I can use any ports on the router or on the switch when connected to the router.

I forgot to mention that i also want to kill the wifi on the gate way and use a gigabit router with built in wifi that has a large coverage area since the gateway is in the basement and the house and property is larger to get maximum coverage. Does the router you recommended have the addtional functionality or do I need to go with a netgear or linksis? Which is better.

Are you familar with the settings i need to make on the gateway to shut of wifi and pass everythinmg through to the router?


Opelika, AL
The USG50 does not have wireless. It would be something like this:

Port 1: Computer
Port 2: Printer
Port 3: Wlreless router in routed bridge mode

I myself will be getting the USG200 along with the Asus RT-N66R once I decide whether to get U-Verse IP-DSL or the upcoming muni-fiber service. Charter is out of the question because the nodes are oversubscribed around here.

reply to deniman02
My NVG is plugged into a gigabit switch and working fine. Unless your switch is totally broken, it can see that the other device (the NVG in this case) can only do 10/100 and will thus link up at 100.

What do you mean by 'kill the ports?' Do the link lights go out? Do they start flashing like crazy? If you accidentally hooked up 2 cables between them the resulting broadcast storm would take everything down quick...


Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to wizkid6
If all you want do is connect a switch to the NVG510 you should have no issues. The NVG510 should be your dhcp server connected to the switch.
Then you connect your devices to the switch. If it does not work then there is something wrong with your switch or you accidentally have "IP passthrough" on. It should be off if using a switch.

Now if you want to connect the NVG-510 to a router then you need to use the "IP Passthrough" but read my experience below.
The NVG-510 is garbage for "bridge" mode. It does not have true bridge mode, but a feature called "IP passthrough"
It will work for a while then randomly just stop working.
Used at normal it worked.
With IP passthrough the connection would just stop for days and only randomly work.

I worked with techs for almost a month.
They figured it was a firmware issue and said mine was outdated. They could not send me a file to update or update remotely.
They sent me a new modem and it has the same issue.
I now have two worthless NVG-510s just sitting here.

I gave up on the Motorola NVG-510 after a month and bought a Motorola 2210 Uverse modem on Ebay for $20.

On the 2210, you set it to "Let LAN device share Internet Address" (this is what they label the IP passthrough in this modem) and you wont have any problems.
The 2210 has been going for like 8 months and has not had a problem yet.
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