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[Tampa] BH or modem problem? Largo

I have lightening (40mbps) service, as I have several people in home online simultaneously . I recently had BH provision a Motorola SB6141 modem on the network. They uploaded a “boot” file to the modem. And everything worked fine. For the first week, everything was great, 58mbps up and 6.4mbps down. The second week everything dropped ( 4 mbps down and 0.4 up) and kept cutting out. I changed my router (after the first call for tech support to BH) to the Asus RT-N66U, which did not resolve the problem. Called and made an appt for a tech. By the time the tech came out, speed had risen to mid 20's up and 4 down. The tech replaced the splitter, and no change was noted. Tier 3 support says it's not my equipment and that the signal is missing "a stream". Then a second tech replaced the service drop. Another tech was supposed to replace the service tap (can't verify if this occurred) and “balance the load”. Coincidentally, I have looked at the log on the modem and found that a software upgrade file failed to upload to the router. I’m now wondering if this problem is possibly an incorrect boot file? I am currently achieving 27 down and 4.7 up.

The service has never been restored to the level of the first week of service. I am at a loss on what steps to take next. Any direction you can point me in?

BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
Please open a direct forums thread, include your IP address so I can pull your equipment and I will be in touch.