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Re: You got to be kidding me a HP LaserJet 4P on Windows 7

said by Riamen:

said by Link Logger:

however the wife has an iPad and so I think no problem I just need to install iPrint and it should be good to go, nope you have to be on the same wireless access point as the printer, are you freaking kidding me?

I too have multiple APs and that doesn't sound correct to me. I have never had to switch APs to print from an iPad. Something tells me the issue lies elsewhere as I usually find Apple stuff to be less hassle.

I personally have a Canon PIXMA printer and I'm able to print to it from either of my wireless routers. Canon has a separate app for their older printers that explicitly states the iOS device and printer have to be on the same AP. But the newer PIXMA printers don't.

This is why I asked how the printer is connected to the network. I was assuming it was an Ethernet connection to the router, but since Link Logger See Profile said "my Windows 7 64bit system sharing a HP 4P" I'm not sure what's going on.

Sounds like a HP or Windows Printer Sharing limitation, not Apple. Apple doesn't support native printing beyond a tiny subset of HP printers. Everyone else just has you download an app for printing.
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Link Logger
Calgary, AB
The HP 4P is shared off a 32bit Windows 7 computer, the Epson Printer is connected via its own wireless connection, so it is just a device hanging off the network. The iPad is running Epson iPrint software and perhaps the problem is with Epson software as you have to switch to the correct wifi connection to print, whereas my Surface RT just works regardless of which wifi connection I use (ie its not dependent on a third party app to print).

Vendor: Author of Link Logger which is a traffic analysis and firewall logging tool

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North Las Vegas, NV
I have an Epson Artisan 730 attached to my network, with multiple access points, and my sister is able to print to it using iPrint. The printer is connected with an ethernet cable, and the AP's all use the same SSID and password.

Link Logger
Calgary, AB
The printer here is connected wirelessly.

reply to Link Logger
I don't use an app for printing on the iPad as it natively uses AirPrint. The problem is finding a printer that supports AirPrint. To get around this I installed a program on one of my computers that emulates AirPrint and allows me to print to any printer that the computer can print to including printing to PDF. For me it's been a painless and trouble-free setup.