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Land O Lakes, FL
reply to fishacura

Re: Service Experience - Returning STB

My old TV had a CableCard in it and when I changed over to my current TV without a CC I called to have it returned. This was quite a while ago and I'm not sure if the stores could take returns. Anyway they send me a box with a prepaid shipper label and I send it out. I track it and in a few days its signed for by a Vz employee. The next bill its still on it so I call, they take it off, give me credit and say its fixed. The next month its there again. I call again, they take it off, give me credit and say its fixed. Next month its still there.

This cycle went on for at least 3 or 4 months until I found the phone numbers for the Executive Cust Service (posted on this forum!) and gave them a call. It took them about 3 more months for a total of about 8 months to FINALLY remove the CC from my account.

Granted this was a while ago and I think thing are a little better but there are still way too many instances when their billing / inventory system shows its limitations. For such a high tech company where the actual quality of service (TV, internet, phone) is quite good, their administration leaves a lot to be desired!!