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Tucson, AZ

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Re: [IE] Block a specific website from history.

said by Orangejuice:

I have Windows 7 and use Internet explorer 9 to browse the web.
Is it possible to block just a particular website from showing in the history with a registry hack or the changing of some other setting?
I already know that in private browsing blocks everything but I'm talking about not using in private browsing and still being able to block a certain site.


The only way I know of to prevent a website from appearing in history is to use private browsing. You can't do that on a site-by-site basis. You *_might_* be able to do what you want by opening a "private browsing" session before visiting that site, but you have to handle that manually. Do all your other browsing in the other window. Not sure if history is off completely while one "InPrivate" window is open, or just off for the "InPrivate" window, you'll have to test that yourself.

You can do something similar with Firefox. To do it in Firefox, set up two profiles. To browse the site you don't want tracked, start Firefox with the "-no-remote" and "-P " command-line options, where is the name you have given your non-tracked profile.

As noted above, your router will know every » site you visit, and it may know the URLs of the » sites, just not their content.
Angus S-F
GeoApps, Tucson, Arizona, USA

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Le Roy, NY
Thank you.
I'm satisfied my question has been answered.
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