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Oshawa, ON
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Ebox Phone Support Failure.. Ouch.

Okay so i just heard from my buddy whos internet has been down for 2 days, he called ebox and troubleshooted and they put in a ticket with bell as they figured it was a line issue, He gets ahold of me today.. I say okay So your modem is it plugged in to the jack? ya, what lights are On - he replies the Power, Adsl are both solid green.. and the lan 1 Light..

I then facepalmed as i guided him thru fixing the typo in his Login Details in the modem... Ebox I know u do not support thirdparty Modems BUT CMON! the least you could do is Identify Its In SYNC to your customer! now hes going to get billed a dmc and he did everything he should have jumped thru all the hoops UGHS!

Not to mention Ebox should be able to see in the tools That The Lines In Sync. and working!
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