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Teddy Boom
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Toronto, ON
reply to Dmole

Re: [Cable] Cable modem - what to buy

said by Dmole:

Thanks for the post Teddy, do you know where to find a spec sheet on the Huawei?

No idea, I've looked in the past.. Very little information on that modem anywhere. Strange

said by Dmole:

Won't the CPU/firmware choice effect the transfer speed?

Sort of. All modems available are either based on Puma5 CPU (4 channel modems plus the SB6141 at 8 channels) or Broadcom CPU (all other 8 channel modems). So ya, there will be little firmware differences I suppose, but the fundamental abilities are pretty much the same across all models.

Certainly Docsis 2 modems are all about the same, I've used many (TJ715x, DCM425, SB510x, DPC2100).

Anyway, the throughput maximums you are thinking of would be very hard to test, and it wouldn't be that useful anyway. Network conditions dominate any throughput limitation in the modem.
(would be nice to hear about practical experience from people on 150mbit at Rogers, that's the only way we'll confirm my theories or learn anything useful)

I have seen a comment here at DSLr about throughput testing on the LAN side of the SMCD3GN. The results were kind of mediocre to poor

said by Dmole:

the alternative is that modems are built with more quality then routers, but I have also added heat syncs to a DSL modem to stabilize it so I'm kinda doubtful about that.

Well, adding heatsink is more about stability I would think. Clock rate and amount of RAM dictate speed, until it crashes, and then the speed is zero
(of course there is some middle ground--performance degrades before the crash happens, or whatever--but I don't think it is so significant)