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BYO Modem Help- these jerks are now charging me a rental fee

As of January, Cincinnati Bell has started charging me a monthly rental fee for my modem. The model I have is a Westell a90-9150v60-10 with a VDSL2+ port in the back. I've always been a cable modem guy, so I know little about VDSL modems. I have already tried (without any luck) to hook up an ADSL modem, but apparently they aren't compatible. I'm struggling to find anywhere that I can purchase something that will work with my setup to avoid paying the rental fee. Cincinnati Bell tech support was of zero help. Does anyone else know?

If that is a Westell 7501, get yourself a Verizon 7501 off eBay - set it to factory defaults - voila! Mine works perfectly - beats paying the new monthly rental fee.


Irving, TX

As cincinnati bell now charges for the wireless router, I'd like to replace it with my own. I was told I'd still need a modem for doing that ($3 rental p/m) but I really doubt if that is the case as it is fibre optics. Wanted some insight into this.


They told me the same thing ($3 regular router/$5 wireless router) - screw that. If your WAN connection on your router resembles an Ethernet jack (8 wire RJ-45), get yourself a Verizon 7501 off eBay for $10-$20, set it to factory defaults, then change the DNS entry from westell.com to ZoomTown.com - I paid $16 for mine with shipping, and will re-coop my investment after 3 months. It's a shame that Cincinnati Bell is treating their existing customers this way - even worse when they didn't give any notice of the charge (until the bill came of course).