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Any way to get BH in area they should be?

I am in FL

In short a number of years ago my area was Adelphia Cable and Time Warner Cable.

Adelphia went to Comcast down here and Time Warner Cable here went to Bright House.

Just as the Adelphia switch was happening all of the TWC peds on my street or most of them (maybe just the trunk) got chopped by Adelphia people. (I knew someone who worked for them at the time and the stated they knew employees did it).

Anyway, at the time we didn't have cable, had DirecTV for TV and T1's for internet (ran business out of house).

Fast forward 8 years. Comcast is still here and the old TWC peds are but they are not live. The street in front of me, the street behind me (on one side of course) have Bright House. My street no. Comcast techs tell me they are indeed BH peds

BH tells me they don't service my street due to a restriction yet when I checked with county and even Comcast (I know the area sup) they both stated no restrictions in the area that would limit BH.

I can't seem to get a straight answer out of BH on why they can't fix the darn line and service my road when I can toss rocks in two different directions and hit service they provide lol. Just because these peds stayed dead for so long and no one really knew the area they never got fixed so everyone fled to Comcast.

Anyway to make someone actually drive they happy butt out here and look and go oh shiz, those are peds we are now responsible for? Just cuz they are not shown on they little map mean nothing, this is an old area that they took over. Comcast had similar issues as was Adelphia and was a mess.

I tried to submit address checks but they always come back no right away, they don't even really look into it, just assume some agreement is in place, which isn't or that they can't which they can as the lines are here already, just need repair and peds already exist and technically owned by them.

**End rant**

P.S. ranting cause now using Comcast for internet and been nothing but headaches. Would love BH to svc here. Heck they send me promo flyers even hah!

Not to mention a lot of others would rather see BH. It's a street of about 40 houses +/- a few and again every road surrounded around this street has BH lol

BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
Hey we would love to have you but what city are you in? I could guess by the switch of providers but just want to be sure.