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Kitchener, ON
reply to toothpicvic

Re: [DSL] Dry loop installation: demarc box not connected?

said by toothpicvic:

Thanks for this info, MrMazda. Helpful stuff, and I'm sure that that someone will be able to use it.

Since I'm really not suited to be climbing 20 feet to get to the house's exterior phone box and connect it to the demarc box, and my friend doesn't want to pay an electrician (on general principle)to do part of the installation that should have been done in the first, she's most likely just going to cancel the DSL line with TS.

It would be sad really to see a TekSavvy customer go because Bell screwed up. Don't get me wrong though... I completely understand not wanting to endure a frustrating experience. Maybe someone at TSI could help change your mind in some way?