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Re: DSL - internet connection issues

so far since I did reverse the polarity on the system i have not been having any issues, this was 24 hours ago, viewing the connection log on my router i am not seeing "unable to connect to dns server"


I've been having more and more problems lately (connection dropping every 10 minutes) with my CentryLink DSL and see the same "unable to connect to dns server" in the modem logs. At this point my son is too frustrated to play online with his XBox. What is involved with switching the polarity I would like to try this. Is this done at the termination point outside the house. thanks


I was having issues again starting Tuesday, I had called technical support twice this week, the last time they commented about noise on the line. I had done research on testing for noise, and found none except for when the modem was on line, I called again to make an attempt to replace the modem, and about 1 hour later a service technician came out, and found the noise in the N.I.D. on the outside of the house, he stated that there was a ringer module installed (used to check the line by the phone company) and that had been linked to DSL issues, he replaced it, with a non ringer module and tests came back within specs.